Become a graduate, make a blog…

Three years pass by pretty quickly when you’re just trying to get by. Because for me, my three years of undergraduate study felt more like an up hill battle, nestled into the delights of the Cornish landscape (that if you did get chance to look around, it was utterly beautiful). Working every single weekend of my university experience, and many hours in the week, stole a supposedly vital element of university culture… being social. Yet the question will remain, if given the time to do what I choose, would I have spent these hours drinking and listening to repetitive beats in a club with mostly people I didn’t know? Definitely not. Would I have had the capability to confidently establish a community of friendly creatives around me from the very beginning? Also unlikely. But over time (particularly in the last few weeks of being in Cornwall) these like-minded people have found their way into my sphere of good friends and acquaintances.

Without reflecting too deeply into the past three years of university in all its hard ships and happiness… I have certainly developed considerably as a human-person during this time. Yet all I have to show for this personal growth is pictures and videos, a few pages of poems, a transcript of grades and diary entries. I hope to use this blog to practice my reflection, track my progress and share creative mistakes, but also adventures. I finish the part-time job that stole three years of my weekends in just two days.. and I hope to use my (ever-so-slightly) more free structure to document how I make the changes and important decisions that lay ahead. The first new change will happen next Wednesday… graduation!

See you on the other side of Wednesday..

Sophie x

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