Cool summer evenings

While many blog posts on summer evenings refer to warm evenings where the air is dry and the night is long, more often than not it doesn’t work out that way. Particularly in British summertime, the weather is often wet for days or weeks at a time, the sunshine can be sporadic or unpromising and the evenings are never warm for long. Yet this post isn’t completely pessimistic of the British weather, as the title refers to both a moderately cold summer evening, and a subjectively awesome or lovely evening adventure.

On Monday evening I went blackberry picking, which I haven’t done for many years. The simple, calming process of picking berries wasn’t something you can appreciate as a child or teenager, but surrounding yourself in the nature concentrating on sourcing out the best berries to take completely filled my mind. My anxiety raced thoughts were silenced as I concentrated on the nettles almost touching my ankles and the thorns surrounding my arm. Although I occasionally did get caught by a nettle or scraped by a thorn, my mind soon turned back to the task at hand – get those berries! Not only did the peaceful process provide a positive experience but the reward of seeing containers full of our hard work was one of the most organic satisfactions. 
After filming and photographing the many visual pleasantries of the experience, I decided to use the clips from the little adventure to carry on experimenting. To not be creating something at any stage is very strange, so playing around with smaller projects helps ideas for bigger projects be explored.

Have a watch of ‘blackberry picking’ below!

Sophie x

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  1. Brilliant film of a really chilled night 😊

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