Self-care Sunday: Walking Creatively

Another self-care Sunday is back! Firstly, Happy September! My favourite month of the year (not just because it’s my birthday month) as the leaves turn into sunset colours and nights are beginning to be spent with cosy in mind. September welcomes in my favourite season, and I can’t wait to greet it! As I don’t want to lose the rhythm of Self-care Sunday that I had previously, I wanted to kick it back off with a very simple one: walking.

Apologies for not posting the past two weeks, I have been on holiday at the Isle of Wight with my family. I didn’t quite have enough time to schedule any posts whilst I was away, but I’m ready to get into much more of a routine with my posting now. Expect some posts very shortly on my list of places to check out if you ever went to the island.

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Travelling around the Isle of Wight with the only objective to learn and explore, I re-found the joy in walking this past few weeks. Most often, walking is seen as something as a purpose – get from this place to there, walk to the bus, to the shops, to your car, walk your dog in the familiar route – it can easily be lost that walking can lead you to new discoveries, and at the very least give you some added exercise. Without this sense of urgency or task, having a walk for no other reason than to have a walk leads you to appreciate your surroundings.

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If you’re fortunate enough to live near nature such as a park, countryside or larger natural area for hikes, then you’re in a great position to take off at any point and reap the benefits of clean air and the beautiful views that nature has to offer. If you’re in a city however (which I am very soon to be) then clean air and stunning natural landscapes become a little harder to explore.

Finding alternative ways to appreciate your environment such as searching for pattern, minimalism or structure can be a really beneficial way of bringing positivity and excitement to your outlook. Bring your camera and sketchbook to encourage the creative vision. Whilst on holiday, I tried to take as many pictures as I could with my phone. This is not to say I didn’t appreciate what I was seeing with my own eyes, but attempting to create an alternative way of seeing made me feel even more creative and inspired by my surroundings.

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Yet you still shouldn’t have any sort of intention when you go on walks like these. Having your materials at hand means they are there if you want them, which is why I’m always seen with a full backpack wherever I go! With a visual lead as well such as a colour or theme, helps to guide your exploring mind. Being able to appreciate wherever you walk, as well as documenting it and feeling artistically stimulated, will do so many wonders to your brain space, your stress levels and your fitness! You will likely walk much further than you normally do, as you go on to gaze with wonder. So take a walk with your creative eye, search for something that other people may not have seen before. And most importantly, enjoy a new way to get outside and take care of your everyday wellness. If you give your own creative walk a try, let me know how you get on!


Sophie x

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  1. I think I very much fall in that bucket of only walking for a ‘purpose’ however there are some people in my life (like my dad or my boyfriend), that like to walk just to get some air, take in the surrounding and think. I am very much a city girl so whilst there’s not much to take in around here aside from grey buildings – sometimes walking just to stroll, think, and breath, is a good thing!

    1. It’s definitely worth trying if you get a chance, I’m about to turn into a city girl myself so will always try and look with creativity in mind and take lots of photos!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Many of them are sourced from a site of free photos by professionals, I always credit their beautiful work.. currently much better than I can do as I have no equipment xo

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