My Skin is Okay

I’ve come to this weird and wonderful conclusion that my skin is actually okay. It’s never been heavenly perfect, I’ve never had a point since puberty where it has been clear and sparkly, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to not suffer from acne or skin conditions. So it’s okay, it’s doing a good job. We’re given a hefty misconception by the beauty industry that every single face is destined to be clear and free of redness, discolouration, scarring etc. And that product x, y and z will lead you to the perfect plastic face – as if your current face and skin layers never existed previously.

The skin on our body, and particularly our face, deals with the environment and issues that we take for granted as part of daily life. If my skin had thoughts or a mouth that could speak to me, I’m sure it would communicate that it would much prefer to live in a cocoon of hydrating jelly-like moisture and sit softened in an osmosis state. But that’s never gonna happen, so it’ll have to continue and battle this world just as much as me.

I’m still at odds as to whether building up a consistent skin routine is just me falling for the ploy of consumerism – buying products that make me think my skin is happy with my decisions about what’s best for it (my skin clearly still has the ability to think and feel here). But one thing is for certain, skin likes a routine. Putting products on my face at certain times of day helps to wash away the sins of the wider world, and somehow helps my skin to focus on more important things, like a relatively even balance of oil distribution and trying to fight the spots that urge to come through but let them through anyway.

Despite this, I know there are some things skin cannot help but love. Things that I tend to ignore, which is why I know my skin could be better, but who am I to complain? I’m contributing to my own failure. Skin loves water. Skin loves cleanliness. Skin loves healthy eating. And if all these things are just a little too much for your daily list of problems and encounters, then join me in accepting that your skin is okay. It’s doing it’s best I’m sure, despite what you do yourself.

The beautiful pieces of art that I’ve included in this blog post are all from a Colombian, Barcelona based artist named Cesar Biojo. Envisioning my tumultuous relationship with my own skin kinda gorgeously. But I only subsequently found these beauties after writing and searching for some accompaniment. What a find.


Sophie x



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